The resolution of Labor Day will be realized only with equal better education and better lifestyle - RK Pandey


              ( Labor Day is not fake, it should be real )


                     Photo:- RK PANDAY ADVOCATE

    PWS will provide free quality education to the children of laborers.

 Prayagraj. ।  Expressing grief over the worrying condition of Indian laborers, on 1st May, the PWS chief has called upon the government, labor organizations and institutions to work for better education and better lifestyle for the children of laborers.

     According to the information, the PWS chief said that today, May 1, Labor Day is being celebrated in the country, which was celebrated last year and will be celebrated even further, but despite 75 years of democratic freedom, the poor condition of workers in the country is a blot on the country.  Is.  He said that work should be done in the interest of the laborers in reality instead of just one day's showy event.  The country has to think that those who do politics and run labor organizations in the name of laborers are becoming rich while the laborers are forced to live a miserable life.  RK Pandey Advocate called upon the government, trade unions and voluntary organizations to come forward and work in the interest of laborers and work for providing uniform better education and better lifestyle to their children.

    Let us inform that NGO PWS has announced today on Labor Day that it will provide quality education completely free of cost to the children of local workers after the construction of Parmendu Shiksha Sadan under construction.

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